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Digital Media Buying

How are you buying digital media today?  Let's look at your supply chain.

 Save $$ now with an audit. 40% or more  of your media budget could be  lost before your ad is seen by the consumer.

Connected TV Media Buying.

The future is digital TV ad buying.  Don't wait, start now. 

Need advice on starting /testing against your existing TV buy?

Are you testing the right suppliers?

In House Media Buying

Moving media in -house?

Guidance and advice on moving media in-house short to long term. 

What suppliers, staff is really needed? Should you consider this?

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About Me

My Experience

  • Over 20 years experience in brand marketing and communications internationally.

  • Experienced digital marketer, e-commerce to brand.

  • Consulted with major F500 companies on in house media buying  and programmatic marketing.

  • Media execution and launch experience including early adoption of programmatic adtech (was first global Tubemogul account, purchased by Adobe for $540m, now drives the Adobe Adcloud.

  • Advisory Board Member (Adobe, SpotX   and Integral Ad Science).

My Skillset

  • Global Brand Marketer   

  • International Public Speaker and Writer.                  


  • Media management, agency management.

  • Executive with extensive experience; product launch planning and execution, press influencer marketing, digital marketing (.com to e-commerce to branding).

  • Programmatic marketing pioneer and expert.

  • Digital marketing consultant           

  • Curious attitude driving change.

Awards and Speaking Engagements

Marketing Award Winner:

Google Spirit Award 2014 - Programmatic TV

Bleeding Edge Media Award (UK) 2008

Brandon Hall Best Marketing 2012

The Drum : Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership 2015


International Speaking Keynotes And  Engagements ;

GDS China 2016

Programmatic Media Australia 2015

i media India 2015

Programmatic I/O  San Francisco 2015

International Tubemogul Summits (USA,Portugal,France and Italy)

CMO exchanges (NA and Mexico)

i Media NA  2014 - 2016

Mediapost North America 2014-2017

Digiday North America 2014-2017

Adobe Summit 2017

TV Apocalypse - Future Book Release

Media Meltdown Or The New Age Of Brand Marketing

Book Cover

An Evolution

 How did advertising get to where it is today? What does history teach us about the past the predicates the future?  What human behavior changes have fundamentally changed the market? How has digitization impacted the advertising business? 

What Should Keep You Up At Night

 As a CEO you should be challenging your teams on media effectiveness. The book will walk through key questions every CEO should be asking his CMO related to digital media. Find out how to drive out as much as 40% of  your cost and improve efficiency. If your a student leaving college this will be the guidebook to kick start your digital marketing career. 

The Future - TV Apocalypse


Dependent on country, 50% of media buying is digital. The last bastion to fall is TV. Over the next few years TV buying will become digital.

What are the forces driving this?
What impact does this have on how brands and agencies execute marketing.
How  should you prepare for the future?
How do the big 4 play into this market?
Will this be the new marketing nirvana?
Will machines take over?

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TVApocalypse -10 things you should be asking your organization today on media execution.

Universities And Education

Curiosity killed the cat? Understand key steps to take as you navigate a path from college to a professional career.

Available for CMO, CEO conferences and public speaking at digital media conferences and events.

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The Writing and Speaking Portfolio

The Tao Of Gary Milner

 The Lenovo digital marketing chief made a strong case against open RTB during his opening keynote at the Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. Actually, Milner said, “I hate the word RTB.”The reason, he said, is “because real-time bidding drives you down a path of auction-based media-buying.”From Milner’s POV, the real value of programmatic media is the ability to use software and data about users and media to find better and more cost efficient ways of reaching the consumer. 


Turn Your Masterpiece Into A Postage stamp

The art of creative, the science of media and supply management.

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Adweek OTT Digital TV Buying Panel

Video of 2017 Adweek panel on digital TV buying, hosted by SpotX

The End OF Advertising As We Know it

Mediapost Article that i wrote on changes in the advertising business


Marketers Should Be Business Managers

You have your creative, you have your media plan, you have your target,is it  being executed?

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Media for too long was ran on autopilot, with digital those days are gone. 

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Beware of DSP Overload : Podcast

 As the industry catches up to the evolution of technology and marketers adapt to programmatic, they have some things to keep in mind. Gary Milner shared some insights on what marketers should consider .

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Programmatic Keynote

The Future Of Media Buying : 

Programmatic I/O San Francisco 2014

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